Common Signs You May Need A Root Canal

Root canal therapy is used in repairing and saving teeth that are infected or badly decayed. Physical symptoms start once the problem is advanced.


Cleaning and sealing inside the tooth occur once the pulp of the tooth that is damaged is removed. Knowing whether or not you need a root canal is a difficult task that needs to be done by a trained and qualified dentist.


Persistent pain is one of the signs that something is wrong with your tooth. You should pay us a visit in case you experience pain while eating or drinking. We will find out whether the inflammation is occurring due to an infection. A root canal will help ease such pain.

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Things You Need to Know about Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment is done in order to save a tooth that is infected or damaged severely. One common misconception many people have about the procedure is that it is too painful and only ends up causing pain for the person getting the treatment. This is never the case because the cause of extreme pain is the infected pulp. We have root canal treatments at Dentistry on Broadway, and we can help patients who are looking to repair and save their tooth so as to prevent any further damage.


When and why should you go for Root Canal Treatment?


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Reasons Why You May Need Root Canal Therapy

A root canal helps treat a badly damaged or infected tooth. The cosmetic dentist will remove the pulp and nerves of the badly damaged tooth, clean, disinfect, and use a tooth cement to fill and seal it. There are many instances where you may require root canal therapy.


This article provides information on some of the reasons why you may require root canal therapy.


The term “root canal” is used because the dentist will clean the canals inside the root of the affected tooth. You should consult a qualified cosmetic dentist for the procedure. Your dentist will complete the procedure in a number of steps that spread over a few office visits. The first step is to take a dental x-ray. The x-ray will reveal the exact place where the tooth decay is located. Local anesthesia will be used to numb the affected area. The procedure is no more painful than a normal filling. Your dentist will make an opening and remove the pulp and dead nerves of the diseased tooth.


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