Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening cosmetic dentistryAt Dentistry on Broadway, we offer choices in teeth whitening services that fit the unique needs of every patient. Whether you need the lightning-fast results of Zoom! whitening or the convenience of at-home whitening, we can give you a smile up to ten shades brighter. Going beyond surface stains, our whitening services eliminate unsightly discolorations so that you can smile more confidently.

How is professional whitening better than over-the-counter products?

If you have ever used over-the-counter whitening products, you may have been disappointed with the results (or lack thereof). The reason professional whitening offers much brighter smiles is because our bleaching techniques go beyond the surface of the tooth to eliminate deep staining. While whitening toothpastes or rinses may help maintain a whiter smile, they cannot remove stains beyond the enamel of a tooth.

What are the advantages of Zoom! whitening?

Our popular Zoom! whitening service is great for patients who need whiter teeth fast. Do you have a wedding, high school reunion, or prom coming up? Our in-office whitening in Lynbrook will give you a smile up to ten shades brighter in just a couple of hours. Our Zoom! whitening service also comes with a touch-up kit consisting of whitening trays to take home.

What are the advantages of at-home whitening?

You decide when to whiten your teeth with our at-home whitening kit. You can use your whitening trays on your commute to work, before you go to bed, or whenever the treatment best fits your schedule. A noticeably whiter smile is just a few weeks away with our custom-fitted trays and high-power bleaching gel. The whitening trays are specifically molded to fit the shape of your mouth for optimal application of the gel. If you need a touch up, the cosmetic dentists at Dentistry on Broadway in Lynbrook, Log Island can provide refills of bleaching gel.