Preventive Measures for Whiter Teeth

After visiting Dr. Antonio Oliviero for a dental cleaning, you may notice that your teeth feel sparkling clean. What you may not know is that dental cleanings can help your teeth stay whiter.


Dental cleanings promote whiter teeth by removing surface stains and debris that can develop into permanent staining. Regular dental cleanings are not only a proactive measure for your oral health, but they also help prevent unsightly permanent staining.

Fortifying Fluoride Treatments

Common preventive measures for children, fluoride treatments are also a great option for adults. Fluoride, a naturally occurring substance, enhances the mineral composition of a tooth’s enamel, which is the hard outer layer of the tooth. Applied in many different ways, Dr. Oliviero can help you decide on a fluoride treatment that fits your specific needs. You may only need to drink fluoridated water or use toothpastes or mouth rinses containing fluoride.


If you are at an increased risk of developing cavities, however, you may need a professional fluoride treatment in the form of an oral supplement or a topical application. When used properly, fluoride treatments keep tooth decay at bay.

Scaling and Root Planing

A dental cleaning may be your best defense against progressing periodontal disease. Once plaque and bacteria have formed periodontal pockets between gums and teeth, only a professional can remove the infection. Often called deep cleaning, scaling and root planing involves removing the plaque and bacteria from between the gums and teeth, even below the gum line around the tooth root.


After the tooth root is smoothed to prevent rough edges from inviting bacteria, the gum tissue can heal and reattach to the tooth. Deep cleaning is the most effective treatment for gum disease, with a success rate of over 85 percent for adequately reversing inflammation and periodontal pockets.

Patient Education

An important aspect of a dental cleaning is the knowledge we pass on to our patients about their oral health. We believe that when our patients are better educated about their dental health, they can make better decisions about treatments. Our caring professionals will take the time to demonstrate techniques for proper oral care, explain procedures, and address patient concerns.


If you have any oral health inquiry, such as which toothpaste is best for you or how to help your child maintain healthy teeth, our dental hygienist will be glad to answer your questions.