Dental Examinations in Lynbrook

Most people think of dental checkups as a cavity-detection appointment. Even though decay is one of the most common oral health problems, cavities are not the only oral health issue Dr. Antonio Oliviero prevents. While you are in the dental chair, you may not be aware of every diagnostic test performed by your general dentist.


Dentistry on Broadway utilizes advanced technology to reveal signs of oral cancer, periodontal disease, misaligned bite, hidden decay, and jawbone issues.

Advanced Dental Diagnostic Technology


A blue light naturally fluoresces healthy tissues in a distinct pattern so that cancerous or diseased cells become more conspicuous. A safe way to test for early signs of oral cancer or gum disease, VELScope requires no rinses or stains, and a screening only takes two minutes.


After you rinse with a special mouthwash, a low-intensity light exposes suspicious cells. Early oral cancer screenings show signs of abnormal cells before they become cancerous, allowing for a better prognosis.


Offering precise decay detection, DIAGNOdent compares wavelengths of healthy teeth with wavelengths of teeth with possible caries, or tooth decay. This technology offers an accurate assessment of tooth decay even at the earliest stages.

Digital X-rays:

Digitial radiography offers many advantages over traditional X-rays, including less radiation, immediately viewable results, and easily-transferable images. Displaying vivid images of the tooth and bone structure, digital X-rays allow Dr. Oliviero to see into the tooth to reveal unseen decay, malocclusion, or jawbone issues.

Early Detection of Oral Issues

A common thread among all of the techniques we use during a dental examination is a desire for early detection through preventative dentistry. Unlike some health problems or bodily injuries, almost all dental health issues do not heal themselves. For the success and ease of treatment, it is imperative to discover signs of oral health problems early. Do not ignore a toothache and never disregard an unhealed ulcer or sore in the mouth.


Maintaining optimal oral health and keeping your natural teeth depend on proactive measures against dental issues. The American Dental Association recommends visiting your dentist every six months for dental examinations and cleanings. If you have not been to the dentist in a while, consider investing in your oral and overall health by scheduling a compassionate and judgment-free dental checkup with Dr. Oliviero.