Restoring Dental Health in Lynbrook

Despite good oral hygiene habits and regular cleanings, you may still experience dental health issues. Debilitating toothaches, adult tooth loss, and damaged teeth can lead to multiple inconveniences in your everyday life and harmful effects to your overall health. Replacing missing teeth and restoring damaged teeth is vital to prevent more complex health issues such as malocclusion, alveolar atrophy, and bodily illness.

Preventing More Complex Issues

Tooth damage and other oral health issues will not heal themselves over time. It is important to consult Dr. Antonio Oliviero if you are experiencing pain from an infected tooth or difficulty eating or speaking due to a missing tooth. Addressing dental problems quickly will soothe symptoms and help you avoid further complications such as an abscessed tooth or TMJ disorder, which may require more extensive treatment. Our experienced team can help you protect your oral health by restoring missing teeth or treating infected teeth.

Restorative Dentistry Services

At Dentistry on Broadway, we pride ourselves on exceptional dental restoration procedures featuring sophisticated technology and treatment methods. Extensive experience and modern technology give us the ability to perform a variety of restorative procedures like rotary endodontics and implant restoration. If you are missing multiple teeth, Dr. Antonio Oliviero’s office in Lynbrook, Long Island offers restorations such as traditional dentures or implant dentures to help you reclaim tooth function and support a collapsed smile. Additionally, dental bridges and partial dentures prevent teeth from drifting out of place. Offering technologically-advanced root canal procedures, Dr. Oliviero can remove infection easily and quickly.