Rotary Endodontic Procedures


Rotary endodontics is a type of root canal procedure that employs precise technology to smoothly remove infection from the root canal of a tooth. It is mostly used for teeth with minor root canal infections, or when treating a regularly-shaped root canal. More complicated root canal procedures may require manual removal of an infection.

What are the benefits of rotary endodontics?

Rotary endodontics offers the precision of advanced root canal treatment technology. Additionally, the process is usually faster since the endodontist does not have to change instrumentation to perform the root canal or remove the infection by hand. The patient may even notice that the infection removal process feels smoother than traditional root canal treatment, and some patients find the relative silence of the instrumentation to promote a peaceful experience.

Who performs the rotary endodontic procedure?

Dr. Antonio Oliviero, with over 15 years of experience in dentistry, has completed advanced training and higher education courses for rotary endodontics. He will skillfully perform the procedure with your safety and comfort in mind.

Why is root canal treatment necessary?

An internally-infected tooth can only be treated with professional measures. Once the decay has infiltrated the tooth, no amount of brushing or flossing can remove it. In fact, the bacteria and plaque build until they have spread deeper into the pulp, or center, of the tooth. The pulp holds all of the tooth nerves, so an infection inside the tooth will cause a severe toothache. If the infection is untreated, it can travel down the tooth’s root canal, into the jawbone, and eventually into the bloodstream, causing both oral and overall health issues. Root canal treatments stop the spread of infection by removing the bacteria and infection inside the tooth. Removing the damaged nerves also relieves the pain associated with the internal infection.


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