Restorative Dentures

denturesDentures have long been the standard choice for restoring tooth function after several or all teeth are lost. Advancements in technology have made dentures more accessible, versatile, and stable than ever before. If you are suffering from multiple missing teeth, consider dentures as an option for reclaiming your tooth function and your dignity.

Different Types of Dentures in Lynbrook

At Dentistry on Broadway, we offer different types of dentures to fit your specific needs. Traditional dentures are made of acrylic and can be fabricated in two varieties. Closed palate dentures include an acrylic material that covers the roof of the mouth. Most patients find the closed palate improves suction ability to keep the dentures in place. Open palate, or arch dentures, do not have the thin prosthetic over the roof of the mouth. Instead, all of the artificial teeth rest on the arch of the mouth.

Stability and Function with Implant Dentures

Implant dentures offer the stability of a dental implant with the full restoration of dentures. Fused with the jawbone, the titanium rods of implants anchor the dentures to the mouth. Often using only four dental implants to hold the prosthetic in place, a hybrid denture, or implant denture, gives patients the freedom of normal tooth function with dentures. Many patients report that implant dentures are more comfortable and more convenient since they do not require messy adhesives or removal for cleaning.

Dentures Give the Face a Lift

Dentures are great for restoring normal chewing and speaking functions, but they are also beneficial for lengthening the patient’s bite and supporting facial structure. Missing multiple teeth can result in a smile that looks collapsed. Dentures restore the height the teeth once provided for lifting the jaw, giving the patient a more youthful appearance.


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