Common Signs You May Need A Root Canal

Root canal therapy is used in repairing and saving teeth that are infected or badly decayed. Physical symptoms start once the problem is advanced.


Cleaning and sealing inside the tooth occur once the pulp of the tooth that is damaged is removed. Knowing whether or not you need a root canal is a difficult task that needs to be done by a trained and qualified dentist.


Persistent pain is one of the signs that something is wrong with your tooth. You should pay us a visit in case you experience pain while eating or drinking. We will find out whether the inflammation is occurring due to an infection. A root canal will help ease such pain.


A cracked or chipped tooth can expose nerves beneath the tooth’s surface. This can lead to an infection. Hard foods and injuries may lead to cracked or chipped teeth. A root canal is required in such cases. It helps prevent infections that may enter your bloodstream.


There may be a need for root canal therapy if you are highly sensitive to heat or cold. You need to schedule a visit with us if you are experiencing toothaches when taking hot or cold drinks. This pain gradually develops into a sharp and intense pain. A root canal can fix your sensitive tooth.


There are problems beneath your gum’s surface if your gum area is swollen. You need to get checked if your gums are swollen and painful. We can determine whether there is inflammation. A root canal procedure may be used to fix swollen gums when the condition does not improve.


Poor hygiene leads to the discoloration of teeth. Exposure to drinks and foods that stain your enamel can also lead to discoloration. Additionally, nerve damage that occurs beneath the surface of the tooth can cause discoloration. A root canal procedure can be used when nerve damage happens. It replaces the damaged root.


Flossing, brushing and using mouthwash will not help if deep decay has reached the base of your tooth. Neglecting a cavity causes it to spread into the root and nerves of the tooth. A root canal is the only option during such a scenario. This is done before you are fitted with a crown.


Regular oral hygiene is very important. So is the need to visit your dentist regularly. Neglecting your oral hygiene will lead to infections in your mouth.


In case you are experiencing any of these signs, do not worry. We have the right dentists who will carry out examinations and help see you through your oral care. Schedule your appointment with us today to ensure your teeth are healthy once again.