Our Services

The professionals at Dentistry on Broadway are proud to offer complete dental care with a variety of services. Dr. Antonio Oliviero and our team of experienced dentists have completed extensive training to offer you exceptional dental care in several areas of dentistry. From transformative cosmetic dentistry treatments to restoring your oral health, our dental office in Lynbrook, Long Island will serve you and your family with compassion.

Dental Cleanings and Examinations

Join the growing number of Americans keeping their natural teeth for life. The longevity of your teeth depends on proactive dental care. Our general dentistry services will help you prevent gum disease, screen for signs of oral cancer, and maintain a healthy mouth. Additionally, Dr. Oliviero has invested in technology to make your dental examination more precise and convenient. Cavity screening with DIAGNOdent detects cavities in their earliest form to help you receive minimally-invasive treatment.

Cosmetic Services in Lynbrook

Hiding your smile because of crooked, discolored, or chipped teeth can be discouraging. Let us help boost your confidence with our complete cosmetic services. We can straighten your teeth discreetly with Invisalign clear braces, produce beautiful and durable results with porcelain veneers, or hide tooth imperfections in just one appointment with dental bonding. Certified in both Invisalign and Lumineer placement, Dr. Oliviero will have you smiling confidently and brightly in a very short time.

Dental Implants and Restorative Services

Tooth loss can dramatically impair your quality of life. We can help you reclaim tooth function with our restorative dentistry services, which not only include dental implant placement but also implant restoration. In addition to helping you look your best, we also want you to feel your best, so have an internally-infected tooth treated with the added comfort of advanced technology. Our professionals utilize rotary endodontic treatment and BioLase water laser treatment for more comfortable root canal therapy.

Protection Against Bruxism

Grinding your teeth at night and during the day can cause far-reaching health issues, including TMJ disorder. Ease the discomfort and dental health issues associated with bruxism and jaw pain by visiting our dental office for treatment. Dr. Oliviero will work with you to discover the cause of your bruxism and determine if nightguard treatments will help you.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

If you are hurting from an impacted wisdom tooth or an abscess, do not live with the pain or prolong treatment. Our maxillofacial surgeon offers oral surgery services to help alleviate pain and prevent more oral health issues. Our experienced staff uses minimally-invasive procedures and treats every patient with compassion, ensuring that your oral surgery experience is as pleasant as possible.