5 Signs You Need A Tooth Extraction

woman in pain may need a tooth extractionHave you been having problems with your teeth? Do you think you might need a tooth extraction? While the thought of having a tooth removed/extracted can send chills in anyone’s spine, this is sometimes the only best option.


A dental extraction may be the only viable option to help prevent larger problems from occurring in the future. Below are some of the top signs that show its time for tooth extraction.


1. Extensive Tooth Decay
Poor oral hygiene, plague, and a bad diet are some of the leading causes of tooth decay. Left unchecked, tooth decay can cause extensive damage to the structure of the tooth leading to damaged, broken, chipped, or even cracked teeth.

Extensive tooth decay will not only cause cavities but could also affect adjacent teeth as well. Your dentist will check to determine the level of damage and if the tooth can be saved. Extensive tooth decay, however, calls for extraction.

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