Tooth Loss Effects

A majority of people do still have missing teeth even though dental care services have significantly improved. The main reasons include poor dental care, gum diseases, poor habits such as smoking, injuries, physical trauma, and much more.


Today, people highly value their appearance, including oral beauty, and they go to great lengths to achieve their goals. However, it is essential to remember that tooth loss does not only affect a person’s appearance but overall wellness.

We fully understand tooth loss effects, and this is why at Dentistry on Broadway, we are committed to delivering the ideal treatment solution. The truth is that dental implants are the most popular dental procedure, which is a perfect treatment solution that gives second chances to a great smile.



For a better understanding of why tooth restoration is necessary, below are few things you should know:


1. Bone Loss

Healthy teeth do stimulate the jaw bone. The moment a tooth is lost; the surrounding bone jaw begins to deteriorate. The good news is that dental implants can reverse this problem using screw-like devices that hold the implant. These screws are made of titanium. The process of growing jawbone using titanium screw for the implant is known as Osseointegration.


2. Teeth Shifting

By design or creation, every permanent tooth has its place in the mouth. The moment tooth loss occurs, surrounding healthy teeth may move in attempts of filling in the spaces left. This may cause malocclusions, which may affect the way you eat or speak. To solve this problem, Orthodontic treatment will be needed. As such, dental implants will prevent teeth shift, which improves a patient’s oral health.


3. Facial Aesthetics

Did you know that the structure of the face can be affected by a tooth loss? This is because the face depends on the mouth’s structural support. Remember, tooth loss causes bone loss, and for this reason, with time, the overall facial structure may change. One symptom of bone loss is when a person appears older than their actual age.


4. Oral Complication Risks

Malocclusion and bone loss is known to cause other oral complications such as gum and cavities diseases. In other words, it gives a person other things to worry about, apart from just unsightly gap. The only solution to prevent these problems is through dental implants. This is because they feel, appear, and function like a natural tooth.


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