The Benefits Of Choosing An Holistic Dentist

holistic dentistIn recent years, many people are taking the holistic approach when it comes to managing their health. It should not be surprising that this extends to their dental care as well. There are many providers who offer this type of services, but many people have some reservations about forgoing a traditional dental office. Here are a few benefits you can look forward to if you go to a holistic provider.


Staying away from fluoride is one reason to head to a holistic dentist. This has always been known for reducing the risk of developing cavities, but there are some health risks associated with it as well, like arthritis and bone cancer. If you go to a provider that is focused on whole health, they will have methods of cleaning your teeth that do not include the use of harmful toxins.


Safer tooth correction is another thing that you will have to look forward to. Unfortunately, many people are currently walking around with metal fillings that contain mercury, which can be incredibly harmful. Not only will they avoid using these materials when correcting your teeth, but they will help you find a provider who can remove any existing filling safely and replace them with something safer.


It is very common for dentists to use x-rays to help them diagnose some of your dental issues. With that being said, this can expose you to radiation. If a holistic dentist decides to use them, they typically opt for digital x-rays because they are only 50% as harmful as the one that are typically used.


Addiction to painkillers is a real problem in the United States and doctors often contribute to the epidemic because they are too lax when it comes to prescribing pain medication. While there are many dental procedures that are very painful, there are ways to help with this other than picking up a prescription pad and jotting down a few words. When you go to a holistic provider, they will suggest treatments and natural remedies for the pain that will not involve taking any pills.


When you are looking for a dentist, you have the option of seeking someone who is more traditional or one who prefers to treat patients using a more holistic approach. As you can tell, there are many benefits associated to choosing the latter. Keep this in mind the next time you are looking for a dental care provider.



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