Why Implant Dentures Are A Great Solution For Those Who Wear Dentures

If you are someone that wears dentures, you might be interested in knowing a better option. Implant or permanent dentures are a much better option if you are looking for a much more permanent solution. Those that wear dentures typically feel dentures can get in the way of regular life.


If you are someone experiencing the limitations and the inconvenience of dentures, we will be going over some of the reasons implant dentures are a much better option.



Reasons Implant Dentures Are A Great Option


1. Improved Bone Density.

One of the most significant benefits of getting implant dentures over traditional removable dentures is the ability to avoid losing bone density. When you experience tooth loss, your jawbone’s bone density rapidly deteriorates. By getting implants placed where you lost your tooth, you will be able to minimize the bone density loss because the implant will affix to your jaw and it will not result in bone erosion wherever the titanium rod post is placed as a result. This alone makes implants a much more desirable solution because losing bone density can not only alter your appearance resulting in sagging, but it can result in further health complications as well.


2. Reduction In Pain.

Another reason implants are the preferred option over removable dentures has to do with the typical pain associated with improper fitting dentures. One of the most significant complaints associated with removable dentures has to do with the pain associated with using them on a regular basis. Because it can be virtually impossible to get a perfect fit and because it rubs against the side of your mouth and your gums, it can cause significant irritation that can become quite painful over time. By getting permanent dentures, you will be able to avoid suffering from the same pain associated with it.


3. Better Ability To Chew.

Another reason you will want to get implant supported dentures would have to do with the fact that they can offer you the ability to chew much more natural. Those that have experienced living and eating with removable dentures likely notice how it causes you to have to learn to chew food again. After all, removable dentures are not affixed. Therefore, they can slip and cause issues if you are not careful. Once you get implant supported dentures, you will be able to chew food as you normally would without dentures. This will not only be a quality of life improvement, but it can result in healthier chewing for your jaw.


4. Secure Fit.

As mentioned previously, the implant dentures will be secured with a titanium rod or post under the gums and it will be connected to the jawbone. Meaning, your dentures will have a much more secure fit which can lead to being able to live without having to worry about your dentures slipping out and causing embarrassment.


5. Minimally Invasive.

The overall placement of implant supported dentures is much quicker than the placement of dental implants. Therefore, you will be able to get the procedure done relatively quickly and it requires much fewer implants which can make it less invasive than pure dental implants.