How To Protect Your Teeth Using Sealant

smiling childrenIf you have lots of tooth decay that is the result of cavities, then your dentist might recommend that your teeth have a sealant put on them. A dental sealant refers to a type of coating made from a plastic material that is put on your teeth.


Typically, a sealant is put on the back teeth, since that is where chewing takes place. The coating prevents decay from taking place. Whenever a dentist decides to place a dental sealant on a tooth, it is to provide the tooth with more protection than a filling can offer, to help ensure the tooth remains healthy.



A sealant is put on teeth to safeguard them. Usually, it is put on back teeth since the grooves of those teeth are where food debris and bacteria tend to settle. Dental sealant is put over the grooves to cover them. A smooth surface is created so that the bacteria or food cannot remain on your tooth. It offers a barrier. That way, when you rinse your mouth or brush your teeth, the particles will not have anywhere to go.


Quite often sealants are placed on teenagers’ teeth since they tend to struggle with cleaning their teeth thoroughly, and are also more prone to getting cavities. A dental sealant can last for many years, and if necessary, can be reapplied. Sealant retains the natural look of your teeth, and for this reason, are either white or clear.


It is very important to keep in mind that sealant is applied whenever there is a problem with cavities. If a dentist decides to use this method, decay is a reoccurring situation. Oral maintenance is also required by a sealant. That means you need to brush and floss your teeth the way you normally would. It is essential to maintain good oral hygiene in order to prevent your other teeth from decaying.


If you have tooth decay problems and think that dental sealant might benefit you, speak to your dentist about it. You might not have known that sealant was even available. Speak to your dentist and get an appointment scheduled for a dental sealant procedure. Dental sealant is an excellent way to protect your teeth against further cavities.